Do I have to wear my uniform when I come in to makeup classes?

Uniforms must be worn at all times when you are in the building.

Can I change programs or schedules once I start school?

Always come to the administration offices with any revised education goals or scheduling needs. We are able to change selected schedules at the beginning of trimesters. Be aware that there is a $50 fee associated with this change. You will need to fill out the ‘Change of Schedule’ form.

How do I receive education credit for non-classroom hours?

If you come in for education reasons (studying, practice, etc.), you can receive credit for these hours. Simply check in with the spa receptionist and they will clock you in as present in Study Hall. A supervising Massage Therapy Instructor will be available at all times to answer any questions you may have.

When will I receive my license?

To license, you must accomplish five things: Pass the MBLEX test (offsite), Pass the Texas Jurisprudence test (no fail test administered online at school), Finish 500 clock hours (at school), Pass the basic curriculum (at school), and Fulfill all financial obligations to the school.

Where do I take my MBLEX?

There are specific locations for state testing and you are given a choice to test at the one closest to you. The closest to the school is the one at LBJ and Central.

Can I receive my license while still enrolled as a student?

Absolutely! If you are in our Advanced or Master schedule, you may receive your license once you have accomplished the basic curriculum outlined by the state. And… once you have received your license, you may receive payments for your massages!

Credit Hour Definition

Esthetic courses at HandsOn Therapy are measured in credit hours. The formula for calculating hours is fifteen standard clock hours of lecture equals one credit hour. Thirty standard clock hours of laboratory work equals one credit hour. Successful completion of 1 credit hour is equal to 37.5 clock hours. This equivalency will be used for conversion between clock hours to credit hours or credit hours to clock hours 

When do I receive my class schedule?

Class schedules are posted on our website and updated frequently. Simply go to our page and select the link “Student Class Schedules” then select the month that you want.

I received a notice of absence but I was in class. Who do I talk to?

Come see someone in the administration offices and we will help you.

When can I start my internship?

You are scheduled for internship as part of your class schedule when you enter the 2 nd trimester of your program, (7 weeks for full time/14 weeks for part time). There will be a separate intern orientation prior to your 2nd trimester.

When do I take my MBLEX test?

You can actually take the MBLEX test at any time. There isn’t any education or timing requirement. We urge you to take the test when you feel comfortable doing so. Remember, the MBLEX is based only on the 500 hour curriculum, and we welcome you to license prior to your graduation. There are practice test resources online that we will provide to you. PLUS we schedule review classes each 7 week period. Come to the administration offices and we will work with you.

When do I get my table and/or my funding overage?

It’s simple. When we have received all the funds for your education, we will release your table to you. If you are paying out-of-pocket, it is when your balance is paid in full. If you are receiving Dept of Ed funding, it is when we receive your final disbursement and you have finished your ‘Exit Counseling’. That normally occurs when you are at about 60% of your program hours. If you are scheduled to receive any overage on your funding that takes place once you have successfully passed your State Board test. You must submit a written request (forms are in the business office), and we will forward those funds to you within 14 business days.

Transfer Student/Transfer Credit policy?

Transfer Students / Transfer Credit
At a minimum, 25% of the hours/credits required for graduation from HandsOn Therapy
Schools programs must be completed at HandsOn Therapy (the school awarding the
degree.) Transfer students must pay a $100 Transfer Fee which is inclusive of any skill
or assessment testing.
Transfer Policy
Students with credit for previous esthetician or massage training must meet all the
following requirements for transferring hours or credits:
1. Complete all HandsOn Therapy admissions requirements and procedures
2. Submit transcript(s) from previous school
3. Meet with School Director and Program Director to determine the amount of clock
hours and/or credits transferable and the classes needed for graduation from HandsOn
Therapy Schools program. The following criteria will be used to determine acceptance
and amount of transfer hours that will be accepted by HandsOn Therapy:
a) the previous school hours must have been accrued within the past 24 months
b) the student must have accrued more than 25% of total program from the previous
school to enact transferability process.
c) at least have demonstrated 80% attendance in previous school
d) the student must have received a “C” or equivalent letter grade for all transfer classes
e) the transfer student must participate in a HandsOn Therapy Skill & Aptitude
Assessment relative to their respective program.
A determination will be made by HandsOn Therapy as to the number of hours that will
be accepted from previous training program. Since the student will be granted an official
transcript stating successful program completion and graduation from HandsOn
Therapy, the amount of transfer hours will be based on ultimately meeting all of
HandsOn Therapy academic and skill level expectations.
Students with training from other comparable training programs who transfer into any of
HandsOn Therapy programs with less than 25% of the total course hours will pay full
tuition. Students transferring with 25% or more of the program hours or credits
completed will have the tuition calculated proportionately based on the remaining hours
needed for completion. Fees, books and equipment are charged according to the items
needed by an incoming transfer student.

What if I need administrative assistant after the business office closes?

For after-hours administrative assistance such as making tuition payment or purchase of retail products is handled through the spa receptionist. For any other administrative support is handled through the most senior evening instructor.