HandsOn Therapy Schools Campus Security Act Disclosure Statement : The Campus Security Act (Public Law 102-26) requires us to disclose the number of instances in which certain specific types of crimes have occurred in any building or on any property owned or controlled by this institution which is used for activities related to the educational purpose of the institution and/or any building or property owned or controlled by student organizations recognized by this institution. In compliance with that law, the following reflects this institution ’s crime statistics for the period between 1/1/2013 and 12/31/2015 Report Distribution Date: Occurrences Within the 2013, 2014 and 2015 Calendar Years


Number of arrest made for the following crimes 2015 2016 2017 Referred for campus disciplinary action? (Yes)(No)
Liquor Laws 0 0 0  
Drug Laws 0 0 0  
Weapons Possession 0 0 0  


Crimes Reported 2015 2016 2017 Location: C=Campus N=Noncampus P=Public *Hate Crime?
Murder (Includes non-negligent manslaughter) 0 0 0    
Negligent manslaughter 0 0 0    
Sex offenses (forcible & non-forcible) 0 0 0 C N
Robberies 0 0 0    
Aggravated assaults 0 0 0    
Burglaries 0 0 0    
Motor Vehicle Thefts (on Campus) 0 0 0    
Arson 0 0 0    
Forgery and Counterfeiting 0 0 0 C N
Domestic Violence NA NA 0    
Dating Violence NA NA 0    
Stalking NA NA 0    


On March 7, 2013, President Obama signed the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 (VAWA) (Pub. Law 113-4). The HEA defines the new crime categories of domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking in accordance with section 40002(a) of the Violence Against Women Act of 1994 as follows:



“Domestic violence” means a “felony or misdemeanor crime of violence committed by—
  • A current or former spouse or intimate partner of the victim,
  • A person with whom the victim shares a child in common,
  • A person who is cohabitating with or has cohabitated with the victim as a spouse or intimate partner,
  • A person similarly situated to a spouse of the victim under the domestic or family violence laws of the jurisdiction receiving grant monies [under the VAWA],
  • Any other person against an adult or youth victim who is protected from that person’s acts under the domestic or family violence laws of the jurisdiction”
“Dating violence” means “ violence committed by a person –
  • Who is or has been in a social relationship of a romantic or intimate nature with the victim; and
  • Where the existence of such a relationship shall be determined based on a consideration of the following factors:
  • The length of the relationship;
  • The type of the relationship; and
  • The frequency of interactions between the person involved in the relationship.”
“Stalking” means “engaging in a course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to –
  • Fear for his or her safety or the safety of others; or
  • Suffer substantial emotional distress.”

If you believe you are a victim of any of these situations you can and should seek out help and assistance from the following agencies:



List agencies and contacts in your local area that can provide assistance to anyone who believes they are a victim.


Mesquite Social Services

1035 Military Pkwy, Mesquite, TX 75149

(972) 285-3000


Salvation Army Dallas Women’s Shelter



Family Place

(214) 559-2170


Shelter Ministries of Dallas

(214) 946-2337


Legal Services of North Texas

(214) 748-1234

Office Responsible to provide a copy of the Campus Security information

HandsOn Therapy: Carolyn Scott Naile

Who to contact to report an incident at the Institution

Kimberly Jackson

Local Law enforcement agency to report an incident

Mesquite Police Dept

Emergency: 911

Non-Emergency: (972) 216-6759