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Sports Massage

Apr 11 - Apr 20

Mon - Thur 6p - 10p

24 hrs



The focus here is on the use of massage before and after an event and/or training session. Prior to an event or training session stimulation of the central nervous system (CNS) is essential to optimize performance. Leaving the athlete feeling ‘up’ both physiologically and psychologically is the goal. Post event sports massage is slower paced and generally more superficial, depending on the athlete, than pre event. Participation in Postural Assessment series prior to class helpful but not required.


Nemerov Method

Apr 21 - Apr 23

Fri 6p-8p ($50)

Sat (9a-4p) Sun (9a-1p)


$200 early

$225 regular

Teaches to engage your client’s motor control center, creating longer lasting results with less effort, accelerated injury resolution, and reduced recurrence. Complementary to – not in competition with – existing manual therapies.  
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HandsOn Therapy Schools   

1804 N Galloway     Mesquite Texas  75149    

(972) 285-6133     


Texas Dept of State Health Services #MS0048

Massage Establishment License #ME1415